Finwig Beesly

Rogue (a very small, sneaky one)


Ability scores: 13 STR 11 CON 18 DEX 10 INT 10 WIS 17 CHA Defenses: 14 AC 11 Fort 16 REF 13 WILL Weapons: Short sword, Dagger Range: Sling,Shuriken

HP: 23 Surge value:5 Surges per day:6

Race features: Nimble reaction +2 AC against opportunity attacks. Second Chance. Bold: +5 to saving throws against fear.

Feats: Backstabber-sneak attack dice convert from D6’s to D8’s.

Class/Path/Destiny Features: First Strike- at encounter start,get combat advantage against foes that haven’t attacked yet. Brutal Scoundrel- add Str mod to sneak attack damage. Sneak attack- once per round, if you have combat advantage and hit with a crossbow light blade or sling, deal extra damage.Damage die increases one size with shuriken, +1 on attacks with daggers.

Trained Skills Athletics 6,Dungeoneering 5,Perception 5,Stealth 9,Streetwise 8,Thievery 11.


Finwig Beesly

Adventures in the Chaos Scar Lokag